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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SOOGI Christmas Special 2013

  • Who Am I ?(Glow Mime)10am (Sun) 22 Dec 2013 & (Wed) 25 Dec 2013 Moriah Assembly Of God at VivoCity Golden Village

Invite your English speaking friends to this vibrant Christmas Celebration. A mysterious performance would be unfolded about a youth turned from darkness to light. Find out how can one be the light in the times of darkness this Christmas.

See our rehearsal photos here.

  • 广东粤剧真实故事 (音乐分享见证会)9.30am (Sun) 22 Dec 2013 Cairnhill Methodist Church at 16 Winstedt Road Singapore 227988 

Invite your 华语 Mandarin speaking folks to this event. Cantonese Opera and True Stories would be revealed about healing and grace from God this Christmas! SOOGI Elderly Ministry and True Stories will be featured. We shall pray for healing and unleash the blessing this Christmas in leading hearts to return to God! Find out how God’s calling and the Pam's new destiny in her service to God through being a faith drama missionary.

See our rehearsal photos here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FREE family video at SOOGI True Stories

Click here to watch FREE video SOOGI True Stories

Mdm Helen Teo Part 1《《 稣器台后的故事 》》张海伦女士之无家的小草 Her childhood is like a grass without a home. Hear this true story of her lost of parental love. Who showered her with love? Mdm Helen Teo Part 2《《 稣器台后的故事 》》张海伦女士之为人母亲 Most people fall in love, get married and have children. Hear this true story of her lost of love, marriage and children. Who gave her a new life? What will be her passion in the many years to come?

Mdm Mary Ng Yah Ho and Mr Lee Kiat Siong 《《 稣器老伴的故事 》》 黄玛利女士 李吉祥先生 An unexpected role switch. Her husband was the sole bread winner but paralysed from a simple fall. Hear this true story of surviving suicidal thoughts and overcoming financial stresses. Who saved her?

Mdm Yeo Quek Kiow and Mr Choo Kong Yew《《 稣器老伴的故事 》》 杨月娇女士与朱光佑先生 An unfortunate accident changed this couple's lives forever. Hear this true story of their brushed with death and survivor. Who saved her?

What will be their passion in the many years to come?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Community Children Speech & Drama Class

SOOGI has been engaged by Edufarm to provide coaching to children from 4-7 years old in the following:

1. Drama - The students will perform a play or story in the class.

2. Mime and Movement - The students will learn how to express themselves using only body language without any sound.

3. Public Speaking - The students will stand in front of a group of audience to speak on any topic. To practise the childs talking skills and also to build up the child's confidence to speak in public.

4. Rhyme/Poetry Recitation - The students will speak or chant a verse individually or in groups.

5. Reading Aloud - The student will read a poem or narrative text in front of a group.

6. Choral Recitation - The students will recite a rhyme or song.

7. Role-Play - The students will act out a character in a story/play.

Free downloads of your children pictures are avaliable here.!/events/447813328573187/

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alumni Survey

Adult Survey
Ms Pamela Lee had maintained her professionalism as a good coach and positive encourager to many. A total of 262 self-administered paper-and-pen feedbacks were received between April 2010 and October 2011. From the collated data, 92% of the participants self-assessed that they were better equipped in drama related skills after the drama workshops & rehearsals.

As SOOGI was responding to the improvement request from the previous year’s feedback on providing additional rehearsals for each workshop, it had moved toward to providing quality coaching for its participants. Thus, the decrease in the number of workshops as compared with the previous year was necessary. In fact, the request for improvement in providing additional rehearsals had significantly dropped (10%) from 12% to 2% in comparison with previous and current years’ responses.

In the current year, a total of 119 self-administered paper-and-pen feedbacks were received. 91% of the participants self-assessed that they were better equipped in drama related skills after the drama workshops & rehearsals. With such quality-driven workshops that spanned over an increased number of sessions for each workshop, 18% of the participants had expressed an improvement on their drama skills with at least a notch of 5 levels’ increment as compared with the 12% of participants having similar responses received from previous year’s workshops

Worth mentioning, at least 81% of the participants expressed that they were very encouraged by Coach Pamela throughout the workshops. This saw an increment of 3% in the similar response from the group of participants in previous year’s workshops and productions.

Children Survey

SOOGI Children workshops (from 4yrs) had unleashed the drama talent in every child, providing a platform for the little ones to embark on their drama interests. A total of 64 self-administered paper-and-pen feedbacks were received between June 2010 - October 2012 .

From the collated data between June 2010 and October 2011, 72% of the participants self-assessed that they were better equipped in drama related skills after the drama workshops & rehearsals while 81% of them who participated in the workshops conducted between November 2011 and October 2012 thought likewise. Such significant improvement of at least 9% between the previous and current years was commendable.

In conclusion, SOOGI workshops had increasingly been well received by majority of participants with an improvement in their drama acting skills over these years. The desired outcomes of the workshops centred on drama essential skills such as speech, expression and sense of teamwork spirit, had been achieved.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WHO is conducting your drama workshop?

Pamela is one of few effectively trilingual theatre practitioners in Singapore. She has years of experience in Cantonese Opera, English and Mandarin stage productions. She has been extensively involved with veteran performances in the last 15 years. She also ventured stage managing, scriptwriting and directing at least 40 plays in recent years. Pamela has represented Singapore in Shanghai and Beijing, China. She has been featured on television programmes and by press media for Cantonese Opera.

Formerly practising as a staff nurse and counsellor, she has undergone training from Nanyang Polytechnic (Nursing Diploma), LEE Community College (Counseling & Psychology Diploma). Her former work of grief counselling in the hospital and youth works in the church ministries had spur her to explore drama as a channel of outreach and therapy. She is also associated with Singapore After Care Association volunteering works for ex-convicts from Singapore Prisons.  She also was involved in smoking prevention programmes in schools with Singapore Anti Tuberculosis Association, such as conducting talks at school assembly and group interventions programmes for under-aged smokers.

Till date, she has conducted drama workshops for various organisations over weekends which led to more that 100 performances locally and overseas. More recently, she spends much of her day hours in community elderly work.

WHAT Is Therapeutic Drama?

More Than Drama Workshop is the unique blend of theater arts with psycho-emotion therapy. SOOGI (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and All Seasons) builds the participants with the colours of life by active engagement activities and role-plays. Here’s an opportunity to explore talent both front and back stage, which is not to be missed. Therapeutic scripts were specially written to address common local family issues and personal emotions to achieve distinctive educational values and inspire behavioral modification. Discover the rewarding experience in watching your very own drama skit in 3 days!

Free experiential psycho-emotional screening to participants.
(For All workshops)

Free 2hrs counseling and referrals.
(For Summer and Seasons workshops only)

Free customized script with 1 month advance booking
(For Winter workshop only)

For more information please email to