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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Community Children Speech & Drama Class

SOOGI has been engaged by Edufarm to provide coaching to children from 4-7 years old in the following:

1. Drama - The students will perform a play or story in the class.

2. Mime and Movement - The students will learn how to express themselves using only body language without any sound.

3. Public Speaking - The students will stand in front of a group of audience to speak on any topic. To practise the childs talking skills and also to build up the child's confidence to speak in public.

4. Rhyme/Poetry Recitation - The students will speak or chant a verse individually or in groups.

5. Reading Aloud - The student will read a poem or narrative text in front of a group.

6. Choral Recitation - The students will recite a rhyme or song.

7. Role-Play - The students will act out a character in a story/play.

Free downloads of your children pictures are avaliable here.!/events/447813328573187/

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